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you. and you know what it's time all voices part. of the 77 percent you talk about because. this is where you. are 77 percent this weekend on g.w. . this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the new. rules by the international association of athletics federations we'll hear from kenya's lympics bransford in a small. sheaf is the new regulation could be a career if. i had me visit a husband school in syria and it's an initiative to actually domestic violence by teaching me and not to their wives.
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i'm christine wonderwall comes to news africa i'm glad. it's a decision that could reshape the world. of this month's south africa run cost us mania loss to a case at the cost of objects ration for sport she was appealing rules intended to stop female athletes with high to stall strength navels from competing in women's track races now on monday south africa's athletics federation said it would challenge this latest decision but samantha is far from being the only affected run kenya's moderate one boy has also faced questions about her friend devils she has often raced against a man and now worries who officiates korea could be brought to a premature end. for most athletes it doesn't get much better than winning an olympic medal margaret boy took bronze in the 800 meters behind south africa's superstar when it comes to somalia at the 2016 rio games but one boy's success has
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caused an wanted scrutiny bringing questions about her gender and her very identity . we have no room to leave well we know this is the high time we are feeling that because you can we are just natural we did not know. that does not at all like so many boys affected by the i.w.a. apps intersex rules which target female runners with high testosterone levels the idea that let excursion embody says the rules are needed to ensure fair competition for women's track events but they've also left intersex athletes in the dark one boy at just $24.00 is now wondering what's a future without athletics would look like i'm what it now oh i want to know about the make idea because i'd just know that. since i was a small kid and doesn't go knowing that this is my guardian. the idea of
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a layoff says intersex athletes must reduce their testosterone if they want to continue competing in the female category of their events. but even sports top courts despite ruling in favor of the idea of a day off have concerns about this it said the side effects of hormonal treatment experienced by individual athletes could with further evidence demonstrate the practical impossibility of compliance one boy is in no doubt for me i'm not going to take medication cause i'm not sick. and. even if they're asked now to take medication those are chemicals that you're putting on your board off which you don't know at the end of it or to come to affect you later the intersex debate is complex mixing sporting questions with those of science ethics
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and i tend to 3 percent the heart of it's all athletes like one boy who simply just want to race. for more on the story i'd like to bring in brusa money from where he is in boston good to see you bruce so we know she won bronze at the 2016 olympics but what more can you tell us about muggeridge one voice at the lasix korea. yes christine. was born in kenya central highlands that's in the town of neary and she came into the limelight when she won a gold medal of the 24 teen idol if junior championships since then she's worked so hard to establish herself at the top level in fact if you ask me she comes 2nd after comes to somalia in the 800 metres world ok speaking off the main i think one thing that can be said is that south african authorities have really been garnering
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support behind we know that the appeal that they announce is pretty much being headed up by the country's athletics federation but i wonder if about whether the kenyan 6 bodies also forcing athletes like muggers and others in kenya. quite frankly not at all in fact last week a disk band dropped 2 lead sprinters from the team that was to represent kenya and the idea if one relays in japan because of having been found to have high levels of testosterone and that's why they had to be dropped but speaking of support they have come out clearly to support or defend the. ruling of the court of arbitration in sport saying that i mean it's been a simmering issue even within their own athletes in kenya who've been complaining of unfair competition they say they are running against women who have high levels of testosterone and so they had to take the action if officials say that they
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didn't want to cause a scene traveling with 2 athletes who have high levels of testosterone and or so one of the official said that they had to the club would conflict with the world or at least body right how many kenyan athletes oppositional affected by the new rules by the i. so far it hasn't been so clear but from these 3 who have been found having high levels of testosterone that is. including one boy and 2 other sprinters were dropped just last week but it's a case that is being looked into especially after the new rules came into effect on may 8th that that little skinny body will still be checking into the athletes and trying to find out who else. is having high level of testosterone and acting up on ok. you know thank you welcome.
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our next story takes us to syria leone way of violence against women is endemic just a few months ago the country declared the soaring levels of rape and national emergency and try to put a stop to this physical and sexual violence has led some organizations to try some unusual approaches we take a look at one that's getting men to go back to school to learn how to stop abusing their wives. did not sound more hoping why did. i use to meet my wife i would come home late and bang on the door god awful the lack of course. we never sat together and talked there was no peace between us. time and time again he beat me for no apparent reason not just because once 2 blue talking openly about domestic violence has become commonplace and. ever since male villagers were sent back to school almost all of the husbands here regularly battered their wives
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just like omar us where i come. from many families life was hell. on aug he would. sometimes i go see her you know up with my uncle and i saw how he beat his wife me so i copied that he behavior as an adult i did the same to my wife that he will be out. of my. nowadays ammara treats his wife with respect he helps with the housework and accompanies her to the doctor things he never would have dreamt of doing before instead he regularly got drunk and spent time with a girlfriend and beat his wife. about it's not my thing. i lived in fear and i cried a lot i know a lot of software i couldn't leave him because i didn't want my children to suffer . it was he treated me so girly and had
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a mistress grows a hip. hip and well that's good for. the father the mother. a mother and the others attend twice a month of motherhood and do it because of. discussions can get heated i'm going to just like part mountain a nurse educate students on the necessity of changing their behavior one that's deeply rooted in sierra leone male dominated society. a man is the head of the family he's the breadwinner and has all the rights many see violence against women is a fact of life and poverty makes the situation worse some of them sometimes if men can't bring home any money then the women ask about food if they don't let up after that and the man get even angrier gets angry. also didn't have any money
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or a job and he beat his wife. now and husband school he learns about gender equality and that his wife is his partner not his property. let him go. i mean i drank and smoked up and then i'd let my frustrations out on her and me do we if i came home later and my wife was there i would pick at the door because she asked questions i would hit her. we took up be done. and his wife hala are carrying water home together. it looks harmonious but however means traumatized by the experience of abuse. has been helping out at home ever since he joined the husband school is still how is wary of her memories. now and i know that when he started beating me i just used to hide but then it got
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so bad that i had to leave for a year now things have got better he doesn't beat me anymore and the children can finally attend school but he still gets in a bad mood and is threatening when he doesn't have money. violence and exploitation were a part of life during sierra leone's decade long brutal civil war in the 1990 s. the country passed a domestic violence law in 2007 punishing abuse by up to 2 years in jail but it's difficult to enforce women's rights even with a special police force designed to assist families and women in particular. given the power in a little do business they don't have the source is like getting loans from bugs you know. being said freelance you know that isn't into do for this that i have today about a 1000 men attend the 15 husbands schools in sierra leone when they're accompanied
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by their partners the sessions are called how mom and that's when debate can get heated and loud. but they are dealing with their problems openly and with violence . when we signal make out they want to get rich on the idea was that whatever we set a good example to our children then perhaps the next generation won't be to it's women who see seeing in evolution and think. it's difficult to change social structures. that have existed for centuries but here in the village. they're trying to do just that. and that is it for now from news africa as always you can catch all our stories and more on our web site at face book page today will leave you with the pictures off the kenyan olympian blog which one way she's worried that new rules regulating high levels of testosterone in women run is the signal the end of her korea till next time i buy.
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